I Believe

I believe that we are all connected. We are all a part of the great cosmic ONE. Call it god, nature, or whatever; we are all inescapably linked with everything else in the universe – biologically, chemically, physically, politically, and economically!

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived as hunter-gatherers in small tribes. While many tribes had customs and rituals that we may find abhorrent today, unless you violated tribal rules, you were accepted as an integral part of your community, a community which cared for you from birth to death. Around 10,000 years ago, a new agricultural process sowed the seeds of the economic environment we live in today.
This process changed the way we interacted with our natural world. As we moved into cities, our tribal associations became diluted by individuals from other tribes with differing mores and customs. As a result, today we live on streets with a variety of neighbors, who we sometimes don't even know. We withdraw into our personal castles. - isolated individuals, having lost our connection to each other AND to the earth.

We stopped worshipping Goddesses and this has changed the way we interact with women. We now try to control, enslave, and objectify those very beings who bring us into this world.

Our new economic environment is competitive in ways not found in any other species. As an example of our unique divergence from the natural path of life, a lion and a hyena may each hunt the same prey, but lions do not as a rule, try to wipe out hyenas. We, on the other hand, systematically try to destroy our competitors.(from D. Quinn)

Today we see the impact of this type of competition in the greed and consumerism permeating our culture—in the way we treat the environment and each other; predatory lending; demeaning TV ads (encouraging us to cheat, or encouraging sexism or racism); human trafficking; monopolistic corporations unaccountable to consumers or communities (forcing out local, small family business, while providing poor service, and poor products); gas prices rising and falling almost daily; health care costs going over the top while insurance companies charge huge premiums (at the same time, doing whatever they can to avoid paying any benefits); watering golf courses in Arizona, while the Colorado river runs dry into Mexico, etc…

There is no “vast international conspiracy” but this lust for power and wealth is inherent in the economic (religious and political) environment in which we live. The competitive nature of the economics creates a worldview that there is only one way/one true god/one path to achieve our goal - the bottom line/maximum profits/the perfect state/salvation/nirvana/etc. If unfortunately you happen to be on a different path, come from a different culture, have a different skin color, love differently, or follow a different god, then you are judged wrong, inferior, primitive, undesirable, discardable, EXPLOITABLE!

For centuries those with power have used their version of truth/religion/equality/morality as an excuse to rape and pillage the masses; to keep them dependent and afraid. Britain & Russia spent much of the 1800’s & 1900’s trying to keep the Iranians from creating a democratic society so they could exploit their oil reserves. Then the USA’s CIA overthrew their democratically elected leader in the 1950’s and installed the Shah. Is it any wonder that they call us immoral? And this has happened repeatedly all over the world. The viscous attacks of 9/11/2001, which I do not condone, were not committed out of jealousy of our freedom, but as revenge for the terrorism Western Capitalism has committed against them for years.

We cannot go back to our old tribal cultures – unfortunately, there are just way to many of us. But, we can try to live recognizing that we are all one universal tribe, all connected. In order for this to happen, we must have a major shift in our worldview. Instead of focusing on the bottom line, let us focus on what each other needs—then, let us all try to meet those needs. AND, let’s force our governments to do the same. Instead of spending most of our resources protecting the wealth of a few, they should be used to make life easier for all. We must have a National Health Care System that is free for all. We should be building better bridges, not better bombs. Enriching educational experiences should be provided for all children, not just as an accident of birth!

On a Personal level, I have been very fortunate to find a community, a large group of friends and family, which I have become, a part. People for whom I would do practically anything – and, I feel confidant that they would do almost anything for me. They are a unique collection of individuals who are trying to make the world a better place for all of us yet they also know how to have a good time. They follow the words of Abe Lincoln in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. "Be good to each other, and Party On Dudes!" Because of my friends and family, I have come to recognize the importance of community and wish this good fortune on everyone.

I have been able to obtain a variety of things (books, etc.), which I am able to share with others. I encourage all to "drop out" of the negative economic environment to whatever level you feel comfortable. Strive for a less materialistic, consumerist, exploitive lifestyle. Support small, locally owned and grown, businesses and goods. Reuse, recycle, share, and CARE! We are all ONE!

As for my vehicle as a piece of art – I think that it speaks for itself. But also, when I see people looking at it, they are usually smiling!


I am he as you are she as you are me as we are all together…goo goo g'joob.