Pictures from Andy Warhol's birthday party at PlayThink and a letter from Andy herself!


Dear fabulous friends and family of Shagdora “Patricia” Shagdorobitsch,

Thank you to everyone who made my Silver Factory, 80th Birthday Party such a smashing and glamorous affair.

Please drop all the other fascinating things you’re planning to do in the next two minutes, and check out the documentation of Friday’s party at The paparazzi (Astrea Taylor and Joey London, top-notch celebrities in their own right) did such fabulous work. I may have to invite them back for all tomorrow’s parties. Astra’s fine art film
also captures the work of another fine artist, David “Free Books” Hurwitz, who knows the value of multiples.

Please, no comments from Shagdorobitsch’s family members about how much I resemble Rita Huxtable (Patricia’s mom). I already know.

Much love to everyone,

Andy Warhol