The links below are to pictures of some of the best people in the world, my friends!


This was the Hot Dog Shop


When I was growing up in Butler, Pa - one of our favorite places to eat was the Hot Dog Shop. In Junior High, we would go there for lunch and have a hot with everything and french fries with gravy. The waitresses there were amazing in how they could remember your order. You could have 5 or 6 people around the table. They would all order and the waitress wouldn't write anything down, but was able to yell out everyone's order exactly. Unfortunately the Hot Dog Shop is now closed. But They had a sign as you entered that said: "Through these doors pass the best people in the world, our customers." The links below are to pictures of some of the best people in the world, my friends. They are people who work hard trying to make this a better world for everyone and they still know how to have a good time.

Colorado -

Donna and I went to Colorado for 2 weeks to visit relatives and friends. I edited, then divided the 3000+ pictures into the following pages. Enjoy - we did.

Boulder meeting of the OE Beer & Pizza Club

Hiking in Boulder


Wolf Park/Garden of the Gods


Drive to Crestone

Spuddy's Place

Crestone Spiritual sites


Dixon, New Mexico


Sculpture Garden

Back to Dixon

Around Taos

To Pagosa Springs



Canyon of the Ancients

Back to Caren's




trolleystock poster


Nathan and Kaede's wedding

tyedye wedding


On Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, Donna's oldest son Neil, was married. The wedding was at the East Overlook at Rocky Fork Lake.

the bride

saying the vowsthje kiss

donna and sons

the dancemother's dance

More pictures at




Sept & Oct

SunWatch Potluck/Overnight

First Friday


July & August

Donna's place by Ft Hill

OE & Jeri's Friday

Summerbash party

OE Friday

Beer Supervisor's Party

Blues Festival

High School Reunion, BHS 1965

May & June 2010

TrolleyStock 2010

SunWatch PowWow 2010

Mark's b'day @ the OE

SunWatch Solstice Dinner

Louise's Party

Friday @ the Trolley Stop

More memorial (Linda's picts)

Karen's shots

Memorial Day picnic

Nathan and Kaede's wedding

Neil and Erin's Wedding

March & April 2010

Bike ride to Taylorsville

Cathy's B'day (Aries party)

OE Beer & Pizza Club 20th


January & February 2010

Chas' OE birthday

Nils' Retirement

Short Film Show

Elliot's Birthday party

Chenoa & Teagan Visit

Mardi Gras @ the Trolley

Mardi Gras @ Nancy & Jim's

Betsy Friday

Joe's Birthday @ Linda & Chas'

OE Friday for MB's b'day

Michigan ski trip 2010

Chenoa's baby shower

Gregor's birthday/soup party

OE Beer & Pizza Club Blog







Recreational stuff - Bike rides, Hikes, camping, canoe trips etc.


Michigan ski trip 2010

Trip to Ft. Hill, October 2009

Memorial weekend campout 2009

Michigan Ski Trip 2008

Yellowspring w/Donna & Teri

Adams County Praries

Canoing the Mad - first with the Mayor, then with the Dayton Canoe Club

At Serpent Mound on the Summer Solstice

The Bruce Peninsula - Donna & I went there after the Sunfest


A hot dog with everything!


Recently my friend Mary Wiseman was appointed as the first openly gay judge in the State of Ohio.

Here are some video clips of her swearing in:

Judge Gorman

Judge Hall

Judge Kessler

Enrobing and Swearing

Mary's comments




Cathy's B'day (Aries party)

OE Friday for MB's b'day

Chas' OE birthday

Elliot's Birthday party

Chenoa & Teagan Visit

Joe's Birthday @ Linda & Chas'

Mardi Gras @ Nancy & Jim's

New Years Eve and New Years Day

Carl & Cindy's party 12/26

Brytus Engagement Party

Cindy & Carl's Party

Halloween 2009

Cindy & Carl's Party

Beth's Hair Cutting Party

Mardi Gras 09

Dave Yoder 2009

Geek Love, Cannery Art & Canoe Club Party - April 2008

Mardi Gras 08

Summer Solstice 2007

Bill Wilson

bill wilson photo

Picture of Bill


Gene Beckett

gene and family

In my job at WSU, I belonged to our state and national professional organizations. Thru them I was honored to meet and become friends with Gene Beckett of Shawnee University. Gene served as president of both our state and national organization. Sadly Gene passed away in December. The picture above is Gene with his wife Marian, and children Joseph, Gracie, and Ethan.

Here are more pictures of Gene from past conferences




Dinners with friends

Sweet Potato Sunday

Peter & Anns then Mary Beths


Musical Events

Women in Jazz 2007

Sunfest in London Ontario 2007

Hometown stuff

Butler Gang

Out on the playground - With, I think, Russ Moore, Bob Kranbucker(?) Bill Lesnic, Jim Emerick.

Community Events


Trolley Stock 2009


SunWatch Flute Gathering preview party

SunWatch Solstice Dinner

Big Read 2008

SunWatch Overnight - March 08

Boonshoft Halloween

Sunwatch Overnight

Solstice Dinner


I think this is first grade at McQuistion Elementary in Butler, Pa. with Mis Wistner(?) probably 1952-53

I am in the back row, fourth from the right. click on picture for a bigger view.